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What type of molecule is auxin?

Auxin Flow, Stem Cell Specification
Auxins are small molecules, with indole Acetic Acid being the most prominent. They are plant growth regulators and their distribution transmits patterning information to the plant. They have been identified as key players during many developmental processes.

What are the different types of Auxins?

Auxin molecules are one type of major plant hormone. Other major groups include gibberellins and cytokinins as well as ethylene and abscisic acids. Auxin is the first group to be identified. It was chemically isolated in 1930. Indoleacetic acid (or simply IAA) is the most common auxin.

What is an auxin? All auxins are composed of compounds with an aromatic circle and a carboxylic group at the molecular level. Indole-3-acetic Acid (IAA) is the most important member of the auxin group. It is the most potent native auxin and generates the majority the auxin effects in intact plants.

What is Auxin bioassay, and how can it be used?

It's a method of testing a substance's biological activity, such as its growth response, using a living material such as a plant or part of a plant. Auxin bioassay measures the concentration and amount of auxin required to produce the effect.

What hormone is called anti auxin?

Maleic Hydrazide as an Anti- Autin.