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What sedimentary rocks can be clastic?

Clastic, sedimentary rocks like breccia and conglomerate are formed by mechanical weathering.

Many people also wonder how clastic sedimentary rock formation occurs.

Clastic sedimentary rocks consist of fragments (clasts), of pre-existing rock. weathering causes pieces of rock to be loosened and then transported to a basin or depression that holds the sediment. Sedimentary rock is formed when sediment is deeply buried.

What are the two main minerals found in clastic sedimentary rocks, other than those mentioned above? The pressure of burial causes the sand to be pressed together and then compacted. Minerals such as calcite and iron oxide are used to glue the individual sand grains together.

This being said, is mudstone a clastic and sedimentary rock?

Siltstone, shale and mudstone are the finer-grained clastic sedimentary rock types. Shale is a smooth, thinly-layered rock made up of finely-grained clay particles and silt. Mudstone is the best-grained clastic rocks. It has a lower layering and contains more clay than siltstone or shale.

Check out these rocks to see examples of clastic, sedimentary rock.

All applicable conditions are checked. Shale iron Ore rock Salt limestone and sandstone.