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What makes a person pernicious?

Insidious damage or ruin; pernicious; injurious. deadly; fatal: a pernicious disease.

What is an insidious individual?

adjective. Insidious can be defined as someone or something that works in a subtle, sly or with the intent of trapping. Insidious can be described as a scheme to deceive people.

What is the difference between pernicious and insidious? The difference between pernicious and insidious can be described as adjectives. Pernicious causes much harm in subtle ways, while insidious can cause harm slowly and stealthily.

This is how to use pernicious in your sentence.

pernicious Sentence Examples

  1. The pernicious weed has now spread throughout the flower bed.
  2. The UN's role in the war on terrorism as well as the HIV role are equally harmful.
  3. These two events had a negative effect on Cuba. They took horses, money, and men from the country.
  4. At the age of 49, he had anemia pernicious.

What is the synonym for pernicious?

pernicious(a.) Synonyms: hurtful, deleterious, injurious, detrimental, baneful, baleful, prejudicial, noxious, mischievous, damaging, disadvantageous, destructive, ruinous, fatal.