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What laws govern Tennessee's child restraint?

Tennessee law requires that your child sit in the rear seat until age 9 (when it is available). Children 12 years old and younger should ride in the rear seat whenever possible, as it is the most secure position for them.

You may then wonder, "What age can a child ride in the front seat in Tennessee?"

A child who is 13 years old and has reached the height of 4' 9a may ride in the front with a standard passenger belt.

Similar to the above, how tall must you be to sit in Tennessee's front seat? 4' 9"

Just to clarify, how much does a Tennessee child restraint ticket cost?

Violations. Violations. The court may order the offender to attend a class about car seat safety, either in lieu or addition to the fine.

What is a child restraint offense?

Children in modified child restraints that are medically prescribed can be transported. Children under 16 years old must be properly restrained by the driver of the vehicle. The driver may be fined $50.00 and charged with a violation of the law.