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What kind of wood is used for plank walls?

Most commonly, shiplap, tongue and groove, and plain wood planks can be found in pine or cedar. It is easy to find shiplap or tongue-and-groove wood for accent walls or ceiling projects. However, it may take some creativity depending on where you live.

This begs the question: What wood is used to make plank walls?

You can make a plank wall with a variety of materials: real wood planks, ripped-down wood panels, hardboard or plywood.

How much does it cost for a wood wall to be built? The cost for each board, hardwood, pine, or cedar, is between $2.00 and $7.00.

Cost for a 2700 Square Foot House.

DIY Cost $950 - $2650
Contractor/Professional Cost $3100 - $5500
Average Cost $2850 - $7550

Similar question: What type of wood is shiplap made from?

Shiplap can be rough-sawn to 25 millimetres (1 in), or milled to 19 mm (3a4in) pine or similar inexpensive wood between 76 mm and 254mm (3 and 10in) wide with a 3a8a1a2in) rabbet on each side. This allows the boards to overlap.

Is shiplap more expensive than drywall?

Shiplap is more expensive than drywall. It all depends on what materials are used. Some shiplap material are less expensive than drywall. Although drywall is significantly less expensive than some shiplap materials there are many reasons to consider the latter.