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What juice is good to memory?

May Increase Memory
Some studies have shown that pomegranate liquid can help improve memory. This is due to the neuroprotective polyphenols in the juice.

You may also ask: Which fruit juice is good to memory?

Orange Juice Vitamin C is a great way to fight Alzheimer's and other age-related diseases. It's rich in antioxidants that help the brain stay fit and health . This best thing to take to keep your mind active no matter your age. Guava, tomatoes, and kiwi are also rich in vitamin C.

What can I drink to improve memory? Green tea is known to increase memory ( 79). Summary: Green tea is a great beverage to support your mind. The caffeine in green tea increases alertness and its antioxidants protect your brain. L-theanine relaxes you.

What juice is best for your brain?

Pomegranate juice. You can drink the whole fruit, but the small seeds make it difficult to eat. However, the juice has potent antioxidant properties that protect your brain from damage by free radicals, according Kulze.

Orange Juice is good for memory

Men who consumed orange juice daily were 47 percent less likely than those who had less than one glass per month to develop poor thinking skills. This study doesn't prove that orange juice and eating fruits and vegetables reduce memory loss. It only shows a relationship.