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What is zone end sign?

The end of a no-stop zone or clearway zone is the point at which you can stop. A sign will mark the stopping zones with a red and blue circle, and a direction. It could be permanent or temporary depending on the nature of roadworks or other events.

What does a zone sign end sign mean?

This sign will alert you when there is a speed restriction. The following sign is displayed when a 20mph speed limit ends. The following sign might be visible at the end of a restricted speed limit. It indicates that the national speed limit is in effect.

What does this sign mean? Less than and > Greater Than. This symbol > is greater than, for instance 4 > 2. a$?? aY= These symbols are used in algebra and signify 'less than' or 'equal to'.

Also, find out what the 20 zone sign means.

Red circles on signs are usually prohibitive. Plates placed below signs can be used to qualify the messages. Entry to 20 zone. End of 20 zone. Maximum speed.

What sign is used to indicate the end of a motorway?

End of motorway (E2) If a sign is used to indicate that a motorway is coming to an end, the distance is indicated on an additional panel.