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What is Yellow Book CPE?

Yellowbook CPE requirements
Every auditor who performs work in accordance to GAGAS must complete at least 24 hours CPE related to government auditing or the particular or unique environment in that the audited entity operates.

The same applies to yellow book.

Definition: The Yellow Book, the GAO's annual publication of the Generally Accepted Governmental Auditing Standards, is an annual publication. Each year, the GAO publishes a book containing all its latest rules and standards for performing audits in public sector.

The Yellow Book is also issued by who? The Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards (GAGAS), also known as the "Yellow Book", is produced in the United States at the Government Accountability Office. These standards are applicable to both performance and financial audits of government agencies.

So, what exactly is Yellow Book Training?

About the Yellow Book This book outlines requirements for audit reports, professional qualifications of auditors, quality control for audit organizations, and other quality control. These standards are used by auditors of local, state and federal government programs to complete their audits and prepare their reports.

What do CPE credits serve?

CPE credits can be used to determine how far a person has advanced in their studies. Information published by the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) determines how many CPE credits you will need to get the certification.