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What is the strength of sakrete

Sakrete 5000 Plus & Sakrete MAXIMIZER concrete products are highly versatile and durable. They both have a professional strength of at minimum 5000 psi. This makes them perfect for making concrete slabs, driveways, walkways, and more.

Many people also wonder how long it takes for sakrete high strength to set.

It takes approximately 30 minutes

You should also know how many PSI are in Sakrete. 4000 psi

You may also wonder if quikrete is as strong as regular concrete.

QUIKRETEA(r), Fast-Setting Concrete, is the best concrete mix for this task. It sets in just 20-40 minutes. The concrete can reach strength of 1000psi (6.9MPa in one day), so construction work can be continued almost without interruption. QUIKRETEA(r), Concrete Mix is another great mix to construct QUIK-TUBEaC/ feeters.

How many cubic feet does a bag of Sakrete weigh?

60 cubic feet