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What is the secret in siren song?

The secret is that the siren hates her job and that the song is actually a cry to help. It works every time. And so, by pretending to be the one who knows, she has lured another man into his death.

Afterwards, one might also wonder, "What is the siren song?"

The siren song is a call that is difficult to resist, but which, if ignored, can lead to a disastrous conclusion. The siren song is Odysseus' promise of mantic truths. With a false promise that they will live to tell them, they sing. Once he hears, he sails on, a wiser person.

Also, find out what the sirens represent. The Sirens are a symbol of temptation, desire, and risk. Every man who passes the Sirens is tempted to stop his ship to listen to their sweet sounds.

What does the siren tell us about the song?

The siren clarifies that the song she sings is a cry for help. She isn't singing to sailors in order to lure them to their death, but rather because she wants to save them. This clever trick of making sure that the lines are shortens the suspense is why the verses suddenly become smaller.

What is the difference between sirens and mermaids?

A siren (in Greek mythology is a land dwelling, which is part human, part bird, that sings to lure sailors to their doom to feed the sirens. A mermaid is a sea dwelling, half human and half fish hybrid that sings to lure sailors overboard to their doom to feed the mermaids.