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What is the reason for blackcurrant being banned in America?

The black currant is back. Currants were banned from being grown and imported in New York City and elsewhere in the United States for over 50 years. They were believed to spread a fungus which threatened the timber industry.

Also, do you still consider black currant illegal in the US?

Black currants were once banned in the United States. They are still the preferred fruit for traditional English scones. Some states lifted the ban in 2003 as new berries became resistant to disease and new methods were discovered to protect timber from the fungus.

What is black currant used to do? Black currant is a type of plant. To make medicine, people use the seeds oil, fruits, leaves, and flowers. Blackcurrant Seed Oil is used by women to treat symptoms such as premenstrual syndrome, breast tenderness, menopause and premenstrual syndrome. It can also be used to boost immunity.

What are American black currants?

What Caused Black Currants to be Banned? White pine blister dust is the plant disease that has deprived Americans of local-grown black currants. It is caused by Cronartium ribicola, a type of fungus.

Are they allowed to use Ribena in America

Ribena. Ribena is unlike any other drink. It tastes great hot or chilled. It is the taste of every British childhood. Americans won't be able to taste a simple Ribena because of the ban on blackcurrant harvesting in the USA from 2003 to stop the spread pine disease.