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What is the purpose of a generator transfer switch?

A "transfer switch" is typically used to provide power from multiple sources to an electrical circuit. When you add a backup generator to your home's wiring, a transfer switch is required.

Many people also wonder what the purpose of a switch to transfer is.

A transfer switch, an electrical switch, switches between two sources of power. A Transfer Switch (ATS), also known as an Automatic Transfer Switch, is usually installed in a location where a backup generator is situated. This allows the generator to provide temporary electricity in the event that the utility source is lost.

Do I need a permit for a generator-transfer switch installation? Technically, yes. You will need to apply for a permit from your local authorities whenever you add permanent structures to your home. Generator transfer switch are not an exception. If you have a licensed electrician to do the installation, they can usually get the permits for you.

What is the function of a generator transfer switch?

The automatic transfer switch shuts off the utility and opens the generator power supply when the generator is at the proper speed. Your generator system will begin supplying electricity within seconds to critical emergency circuits in your home or business.

How can you hook up a portable generator at your home?

  1. Connect the generator cord with the inlet box or transfer switch.
  2. All circuit breakers within the transfer switch should be turned off and the switch switched to off.
  3. Turn on the generator and allow it to warm up.
  4. Turn the main breakers of the transfer switch to the Generator position.