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What is the molecular geometry of the first molecule?

Example 10
Number of Elektron Groups at Central Atom Number of Surrounding Atoms Molecular Shape
Any 1 linear
2 2 linear
3 3 Trigonal planar
3 2 bent

What is the geometry of a molecule in this context?

The 3-dimensional space that a molecule occupies is called molecular geometry. It is determined using the central atom, the surrounding atoms, and electron pair. The Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion method (VSEPR), can predict the shape of most molecules.

Who also invented molecular geometry. The valence shell electron pair repellence (VSEPR), a method to determine the structure of covalent molecules, was proposed by Ronald Gillespie, a Canadian chemist, and Ronald Nyholm, an Australian chemist in a 1957 paper called "Inorganic Stereochemistry". According to the theory, the geometry around a given is determined by its geometry.

What is the molecular geometry for an abe3 molecule?

Type Electronic Geometry Molecular Geometry
4 Regions
AB4 tetrahedral tetrahedral
AB3E tetrahedral Trigonal pyramidal
AB2E2 tetrahedral bent 109.5o

What are the five basic forms of molecules?

Molecular Geometries. VSEPR Theory describes five major shapes of simple molecules: linear and trigonal planar; tetrahedral; trigonal bipyramidal; and octahedral.