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What is the irony in the poem Ah Are You Digging on My Grave?

Irony. Irony.

What is Ah Are You Digging in My Grave's main idea?

Thomas Hardy wrote the poem aAh! Are You Digging On My Grave? This poem's central theme is death. It can also be seen in many different forms throughout Thomas Hardy's works. The woman who is dead believes that her loved one is at her grave.

How does the final stanza in Ah Are You Digging on My Grave, which is titled "Are You Digging on My Grave", use irony to disappoint? Answer: The irony is used to show that, despite her expectation that she would be missed by someone, nobody seemed to share the same sentiment. Instead, she discovered that her dog was the one excavating, and not because he loved her, but to bury her bone. He added that he forgot she was buried there.

Ah Are You Digging On My Grave is a Victorian poem.

A, by Thomas Hardy. The author mocks Victorian morals, and uses irony as a way to show that even the most loyal of the living can dismiss their dead. Hardy makes his point through the actions of others.

Ah Are You Digging on My Grave!

A (1913) is a dramatic, satirical dialogue between the living and the dead.