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What is the ionic composition of a hydroxyl ion?

PubChem CID 961
Molecular Formula OH (a) or -
Synonyms: Hydroxide hydroxide Ion Hydroxyl Hydroxyl ion Hydroxyl Radicals More
Molecular Weight 17.007 g/mol
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What is the formula for hydroxyl ion, besides?


Is hydroxyl also an ion? Hydroxide, a diatomic anion, is the most commonly used name in chemistry. It is composed of oxygen and hydrogen atoms. It is one the simplest diatomic ions. Hydroxide Ion can be described as a type of ligand. It gives one pair electrons and behaves as a Lewis base.

It is also important to understand how hydroxyl ion is formed.

Molecular ions of the formula OH+ are hydroxide ions. They are formed when a proton is lost from a water molecule. The hydroxide Ion, which is the strongest base in an aqueous solution, can be found. We have reviewed the structure and dynamics of hydroxide ions in water [2628].

What is the ionic composition of hydrogen ion's hydrogen ion?

Hydrogen ions, also known as molecular hydrogen ions, are formed when a proton is added to one or more water molecules.