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What is the highest dew point ever recorded?

95 degrees is the world's highest recorded dew point. It was measured at Dhahran in Saudi Arabia, on the Persian Gulf, on July 8, 2003. 161 would be the lowest heat index (temperature at 95 degrees) with a 95-degree Dew Point.

What is the highest recorded dew point in the US?

Highest Dew Point Measurements in America The air temperature in Appleton was 101 degrees Fahrenheit at that time, leading to a heat index reading reading of 148 degrees Fahrenheit, possibly the highest such reading in the United States.

What is a dangerous Dew Point? A dew point of between 55AdegF to 60AdegF is considered humid. It's humid when the Dew Point is higher than 60AdegF. It's also uncomfortable outside when it ticks over 65AdegF. Anything above 70AdegF is dangerous and oppressive. This is the same kind of stickiness that you feel in the tropics, or during severe summer heat waves.

It is also important to know what the lowest recorded dew point is.

Coober Pedy, South Australia desert, recorded the lowest relative humidity value. The temperature was 93°F and the Dew point at minus 21°F. This resulted in a relative humidity of 1%.

Is a dewpoint of 63 high?

The answer is dewpoint! The temperature at which water vapour in the air condenses to liquid water such as dew, rain, or fog is called dewpoint . A dewpoint between 60 and 63AdegF is considered to be more humid than a dewpoint above 70AdegF.