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What is the Drill Bit F size?

To Tap This Size Bolt Or Screw: This Drill Bit is for you: (Closest Fractional:)
5/16-18 NC Ltr.F 17/64"
8mm-1.25mm 6.9mm 17/64"
5/16-24 NF Ltr.I -
8mm-1.00mm 7.1mm -

Keep this in mind, how big is a letter F drill bit?

Standard Drill Sizes: Inches

Size of the Drill . Drill Size
66 = F
65 = G
64 = 17/64
63 = H

Second, what size drill bit is #12? Sizes up to 1"

Drills up to 1" in diameter Legend Fractional inch Letter Drill Millimeters Drill
Millimeters Inches Designation
2.0828mm .082" #45
2.1844mm .086" #44
2.2606mm .089" #43

It is also important to understand the standard sizes of drill bits.

The number of drill bit sizes vary from size 80 (the smallest), to size 1 (the biggest), followed by size A (the smallest), to size Z (the largest). ASME B94. For example, the ASME B94.11M twist drill standard lists sizes as small 97. However, smaller sizes than 80 are rare in practice.

What is the size of a #7 drillbit?

# 7 is a 0.201 inch diameter bit and 13/64" is 0.203 inches.