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What is the difference between yes and no in/sign languages?

Signing: A head nodding, yes sign. Take your hand and form it into a fist. Hold it at shoulder height. Then, bob your fist back and forth. Figure: Yes for Baby Sign Language. Use: When baby understands your words, you can teach him/her yes to signify acquiescence.

This is why you should be able to see what there is in sign language.

Signing: A sign for no looks like a scolding teacher at high school who always says no to all. The sign is like a mouth saying . Tap your thumb and middle finger together by bringing your index finger and middle finger together.

How do you sign your welcome? To sign "WELCOME/HIRE/INVITE", hold the flat palm of your hand away from your body (off the right a little) and then bring the hand towards your torso.

Also, please tell me what sign is for in sign language.

American Sign Language: "Please" Your hand should be moved in a clockwise direction (from the point of view of the observer, a circular motion is used to move your hand towards your left, right, left, and back a few times).

How can you say that I don't know sign language?

Signing: If you don't know how to sign, shrug your shoulders. You can also point to your forehead and hold your dominant hand together with your fingers. Then, move your hand away.