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What is the difference between rapid start and instant start ballast?

Instant Start Ballasts
They send a high voltage across the lamp when they strike. instant-start ballasts typically use 1.5-2 watts per lamp, compared to rapid starter ballasts. Instant start lamps can also be used at temperatures as low and as zero degrees to start reliably.

How can I tell if my ballast has instant start?

In seconds, you can find out if your fixture is compatible. Turn on the light and then take a picture of the fixture with your smartphone or digital camera. If the image is clear, it means that an electronic ballast will work with direct-drop-in LED tubes.

Is rapid start the same thing as instant start? Rapid Start (RS). The lamp's filament voltage is maintained throughout operation. Rapid start ballasts have a slight delay compared with instant begin. They won't be able to reliably start lamps below 50 degrees F.

What is the difference between program-start and instant-start ballasts?

An instant-start ballast provides a high initial voltage to produce the power of the lamp, without the need for heating the cathodes. A program-start ballast generates a lower voltage to heat up the lamp via cathodes.

What is rapid start ballast?

The rapid-start ballasts come with a separate set windings that provide a low voltage (approx. For one second before the lamp is ignited, 3.5 volts are applied to the electrodes. The lamp is ignited by an electrical arc when a starting voltage is applied that is lower than the instant ballast (405-550V for F32T8 lamps).