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What is the cost of planting soil?

Topsoil prices vary depending on where you live. Topsoil can be purchased in some parts of the US for between $12 and $118 per cubic yard. Delivery charges vary depending on distance and amount. Larger loads may incur a $15 to $60 delivery fee. Five yards delivered will cost $75 to $150.

Many people also wonder how much soil costs.

The total cost of the entire project is between $325 to $1,108. Costs for topsoil range from $12 to $55 per cubic meter. Fill dirt costs $7-12 per cubic yard. Sand usually costs between $15-$40 per cubic yard.

Second, how much soil is required for a raised 4x8 bed? Raised bed soil recipe for a 4x8 foot raised bed: 4 bags (2 cubic feet each) topsoil. (Note: Do not use topsoil from your backyard as it could contain pests and weeds. 2 pails (3 cubes each) peatmoss. 2 bags (3 cubic feet each) compost, or composted cow manure.

How much does garden soil typically cost?

You'll need 36 bags fertile mix to fill your bed. Most stores sell them for $5-$8 per bag. This route could cost you $200 to $300. Bulk soil delivery to a landscape supply point delivers fertile mixture in cubic yards. A cubic yard is three times as big as a football field, or 27 cubic feet.

What is the cost of potting soil at Home Depot

$10-20 - Potting Soil, Soils – The Home Depot