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What is the Chinese version?

1688 is the Chinese name for Alibaba and serves the China B2B/B2C market.

Another question is: What is China's Amazon?

Because its growth trajectory is almost identical to Amazon's, Alibaba is often called the "Amazon of China". Both started out as e-commerce platforms. However, over time they have evolved to be much more diverse companies that place a greater emphasis on technology.

Second, is Taobao the same as Alibaba? Alibaba is an English-language B2B website that sells wholesale products, while Taobao is a Chinese C2C website that sells retail merchandise. This is the biggest difference between them. Alibaba website is more focused on foreign trade, while Taobao primarily serves the Chinese mainland market.

What is similar to Alibaba?

Alternatives to Alibaba B2B Marketplaces

  • Alibaba US is a Alibaba's USA Suppliers. This website is a boon to US sellers who wish to do business with US suppliers.
  • Bizbilla a India.
  • Chinabrands a China
  • DHgate a China
  • EC21 a Global
  • ECPlaza a Global.
  • ECVV in China
  • eWorldTrade a Global

What is China's Alibaba?

Alibaba is China's largest online commerce company. Its three main websites, a Taobao and Tmall, have hundreds of millions of visitors and host millions merchants and businesses. Alibaba is the e-commerce giant that handles more business than any other.