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What is the best way to use quake within a sentence?

Quake Sentence Examples
  1. She had a slight quake in her voice.
  2. She was afraid to speak because she was afraid that a earthquake would make her sound nervous.
  3. It was, according to the conductor, the worst earthquake that he had ever seen.
  4. Zeb replied, "That was an awful large earthquake," with a white smile.

Many people also wonder what a sentence is for a quake.

Examples of quake within a Sentence Verb The whole house was effected by the explosion. The Richter scale recorded Noun the earthquake at 6.5, causing extensive damage.

Also, learn how to use reproach in sentences. Example Sentence

  1. If you don't live your life to the fullest, you will bring shame upon the truth.
  2. The Zimbabwean government should be criticized for not implementing this land reform years ago.
  3. Nature is afraid of shame and contempt but grace is open to being reproach.

Another thing to consider is how can you use flattery within a sentence.


  1. The student who failed tried to flatter his teacher to get a higher grade tried to do so, but no amount of compliments was enough to convince him.
  2. He called her beautiful many times, but she wouldn't believe it because he was a well-known liar.

What is the synonym for quake?

Synonyms: palpitate, pulsate, flicker, tremor, beat, waver, flutter, quiver, flitter. tremor, shake(verb), shake with seismic vibrations