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What is the best way to find out where a draft originated?

These are some tips and tricks to help you find drafts in your house and fix them.
  1. Examine Exterior Walls. Exterior walls are the first place to check for drafts in your home.
  2. Attics, eaves, and knee walls.
  3. Windows.
  4. Chimneys.
  5. Electric outlets
  6. Additional wiring and plumbing areas
  7. Exterior doors.

How do I know where a draft came from?

Your exterior doors and windows will be framing if you run your back against them. Listen for any whistling or whooshing sounds from air passing through cracks. To check for drafts caused by a lack insulation, place your hand on the exterior wall's electrical outlets.

How do you locate air leaks in your home? How do you find air leaks inside your house

  1. You should inspect all places where different building materials meet outside your home.
  2. You should inspect your home for cracks or gaps.
  3. For energy efficiency testing, use the flashlight method.
  4. A dollar bill can be used to shut down a window or door.
  5. Place a piece of paper where you suspect there is a leak.
  6. Make sure insulation is checked.

As such, I am unable to feel any drafts in my home.

Drafts occur when warm air in a house leaks out. This cold, outside air replaces or pushes out the drafty air. This can make your home uncomfortable and your heating system less efficient.

How can I locate my seal drafts

Check your crawl spaces, basement, and attic for cracks, gaps, and any openings that could allow cold air to enter. A smoke test can also be done. Shut all windows and doors when it is windy and turn off any appliances. Next, light an incense stick and place it near any potential air leakage areas.