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What is soil moisture Utilisation?

The soil begins to use up water stored in it when evapotranspiration exceeds the precipitation. This is called soil moisture utilisation. It continues until the soil becomes dry and the plants become unable to extract more moisture.

What is soil moisture deficit?

Soil Moisture Deficit is the amount of rain required to bring soil moisture content back up to field capacity. Field capacity (SMD=0), is the amount of water that soil can retain against gravity. The maximum amount of water that a pot plant can take in and not lose.

Also, learn what moist soil means. A: A moist soila is just as undefinable as a house too cold!a Some plants, such as sweetspire, Japanese iris, and river birch, thrive in soil that's just a little bit soggy. Atolerates wet feeta or a good choice for moist areasa will describe a plant that prefers wetter soil.

Hence, why does soil moisture replenishment occur?

Recharge. Recharge. The recharge period is when precipitation exceeds the potential evapotranspiration, but the soil has not reached its field capacity.

How is soil moisture loss calculated?

The SMD is calculated on the basis of incoming daily rain (mm), outgoing day potential evapotranspiration, (PET) and a fixed water capacitity (the amount water in the soil reserve that plants can use) at 150 mm.