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What is Series 6 license exam?

The Series 6 securities license allows the holder to register as a representative of a company and sell mutual funds, variable and insurance. The Series 6 license holder is not allowed to sell municipal securities or corporate securities, options, direct participation programs, or other types of securities.

So, how difficult is the Series 6 exam?

For those who are new to the world of securities, the Series 6 exam is difficult. We'll share six more tips and proven methods to help you prepare for the Series 6 exam.

What is the Series 6 passrate? 70%

This being said, can anyone take Series 6?

You must be sponsored by a FINRA member company or a self-regulatory organisation (SRO) to take the Series 6 exam. Candidates can be submitted by firms to the Uniform Application for Security Industry Registration/Transfer (Form U4).

What is the difference between Series 6 and Series 7?

An overview of the Series 6 Exam and Series 7 Exam. The Series 6 license permits a representative to only sell a small number of investment products. A Series 7 license allows registered representatives to sell a wider range of securities.