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What is magnetic flux class 10?

Magnetic Flux can be defined as the number and type of magnetic fields that pass through a closed surface. It measures the total magnetic field passing through a given area.

What is magnetic flux? And what is its formula?

Magnetic flux is simply the average magnetic field multiplied by the perpendicular area it crosses. = B A cos(I,)

What is magnetic field Class 10? Magnetic lines of force, or magnetic field line, are the paths along which north pole moves in magnetic fields. These lines indicate the direction and strength of the magnet field . If the magnetic field lines in a region are very close together, then the magnetic field strength in that area is very high.

What is the flux, then?

Flux refers to the presence or flow of energy through a particular surface. The term flux can be used in electronics to describe any electromagnetic field or magnetic field. Flux can be described as "lines" that intersect or contain electric charge poles and magnetic poles.

What is flux level?

I is the angle between B-field and normal to the area. If a magnetic field with flux density 1T exists perpendicular to an area of 1m2, the weber is the flux through a surface.