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What is Lucas mango?

Description of the product. Sweet and Sour Mango Flavored Powder by Luke. The classic Mexican spice and fruit blend mango will give you a taste of both sweet and sour. You can either eat the mango powder by itself, or sprinkle it on top of fruits. Because it is small, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Also, Lucas mango is bad?

Yes, Lucas candy can be bad for you. It contains high levels sugar, as well as sodium and potentially lead.

Is Lucas candy now banned? Although they are not prohibited, Many people have spoken out against the cookies' potentially cancerous ingredients in recent years. These include artificial additives Tartrazine #1102, Sunset Yellow #110 and Allura Red #129. Brilliant Blue #133. Caramel #150 is also found in the chocolate coating.

What is Lucas Mexican candy, then?

Lucas candy is a delicious, unique treat that's bursting with flavor. Lucas Mexican candy can be found all over the globe and is a well-known confection.

Is Walmart selling Mexican candy?

LUCAS Mango Mexican