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What is integration testing in software?

INTEGRATION TESTING is a level in software testing that allows individual units to be combined and tested together. This testing level is used to expose flaws in the interaction of integrated units. Integration Testing is performed by test drivers and test stubs. Definition by ISTQB.

This brings us to integration testing with an example.

There is a difference between unit testing and integration testing

Unit Testing Integration Testing
Unit testing is the first test that must be performed in the Software Testing Life Cycle. Integration testing is often done before system testing, and it comes after unit test.

How do you write an integrated test?

  1. Prepare the test integration plan.
  2. Choose the type of integration testing approach.
  3. Test cases, test scenarios, and test scripts should be designed accordingly.
  4. Install the modules you have selected and run the integration tests.
  5. Keep track of defects and record test results.

It is also important to understand what integration is in software.

Software integration can be defined as engineering's process of bringing together sub-systems to create a single system. It is an aggregation that allows subsystems to work together in order for the system to deliver the overarching functionality. Example: API.

Why do we do integration testing?

This improves test coverage and reduces test gaps. Tests can be more reliable and isolate failures easily. During the end-to-end testing, it is important to create real-time use cases. Integration tests detect system-level issues such as a broken schema or incorrect cache integration.