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What is general education math?

Description. This course fulfills general education requirements. This course is not intended to be a prerequisite for any college mathematics courses. This course is focused on solving real-life problems and mathematical reasoning.

Similar, what is General Education?

General Education is the first component of a degree. It's the prerequisite for you to take the Area of Study courses, which are the main classes that will define your degree. You can also complete the degree with free electives. General Education, or Gen Ed for short, is the required curriculum that forms the basis of an undergraduate degree.

What is general education in highschool? For those who have not been able to earn a high school diploma, the General Education Development (GED), credential can be used as an alternative qualification. Examiners must pass five subjects, including Science, Writing, Mathematics and Science.

Know what general education courses are available?

Students enrolled in traditional four year degree programs at accredited educational institutions must take general education courses.

Science and Mathematics

  • College Algebra.
  • Principles of Statistics
  • Business Math.
  • Introduction to Biology.
  • General Chemistry.
  • Earth Science.

What's the point of college general education?

Umbaugh stressed the importance of a general educational curriculum for students. It allows them to gain broad knowledge, develop intellectual and practical skills and understand cultural differences.