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What is Crescent City's crime rate?

41 for every one thousand

Is Crescent City CA safe?

The national average crime rate is 58% lower in Crescent City than it is elsewhere. Crescent City has 11.19 daily crime per 100,000 residents. Crescent City has a safer reputation than the 13% of cities across the United States. Crescent City has a 1 in 25 chance to become a victim of crime.

You might also wonder, "What is the safest place in California?" Hillsborough, California is the most secure city.

It is also worth knowing if Crescent City California is a great place to live.

Crescent City Reviews Crescent City is an ideal place for people who enjoy nature, small-town sociability and a quiet, conservative lifestyle. The small town is surrounded by stunning beaches and redwood forests.

How many people lives in Crescent City, California?

6,399 (2017)