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What is comfort entry mini?

Find out more about the comfort access function of your MINI. This feature allows you to unlock and start the engine, as well as the doors and boot, without ever having to take the key out.

What is comfort access on a mini then?

Joined January 20, 2001. 42,467 Posts. #2 aC/ Nov 9, 2006. It means that the second generation MINI has a button on your door handle. This button can be used to lock or unlock the car without the need for a key/remote. To start the car, you don't need to insert the key in the dash. It's "keyless" so it's not necessary to insert the key into the dash.

What is Comfort Access on a Mini Countryman, other than the above? Comfort Access keyless access allows you to open the Countryman's front doors without having to use your key. It also opens the power tailgate. To open the boot, use the foot activated motion sensor if your hands are full.

What is in the mini comfort package?

Add more comfort to your MINI by purchasing the Comfort Pack.

  • Heating for the driver and front passenger.
  • Automated air conditioning
  • Rear Park Distance Control
  • Passenger seat height adjustment.
  • Storage compartment pack.
  • Floor mats in velour.
  • Front centre armrest.

Mini Cooper can you add comfort access?

Comfort Access (or BMW / Mini in BMW / Mini talk) allows you to unlock your car by simply approaching it. The key fob is not needed to be found, and can be carried in your pocket or bag. The majority of new systems include a button at the door to unlock/lock the car.