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What is a sound level meter?

Sound Level Meter/Noise Level Meter. A sound level meter measures sound pressure and noise levels. A sound level meter is also known as a decibel (dB), noise meter, noise dosimeter or sound pressure level (SPL). It uses a microphone to record sound.

Another question that might be asked is, "What sound level can I measure in?"

Decibels can be used to measure the energy of a sound wave. The Decibel Meter displays examples of things that can make noise, and measurements for decibels. Amplitude is a measure of how powerful a wave is. It can be measured in decibels, or dBA of sound pressure.

How can you also monitor sound levels? Download a mobile decibel-reading application like Sound Level Meter, Decibel Meter, to measure decibels. A computer program like Audacity, decibel reader can also be used to measure decibels. A profession decibel meter is another option that can provide a precise decibel reading.

How much does a sound-level meter cost?

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What is the formula to calculate dB?

One decibel (0.1 lb) equals 10 times common logarithm of power ratio. As a rule of thumb, 10 log10 (S1/S2) is the intensity value of a sound. S1 and 2 are the intensity levels of the sounds. Hence, doubling the intensity means that the sound's intensity will increase by a little more then 3 dB.