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What is a hockey bender?

Bender: A bad hockey player. This refers to a player's ankles bent or buckled while they are trying to skate.

This being said, what does it really mean to be a hockey bender?

Bender (noun). A player who does not excel at hockey and whose ankles are bent inwards as a result. He didn't either fit his skates correctly, or is just unable to skate.

What does Celly and Snipe mean? Snipe/Sniper This is a very common term, and most hockey fans know it. It refers to an incredible shot that places the puck in a small space for a goal. Example: Dangle and Snipe with Celly, the perfect combination.

What is a duster in hockey, anyway?

1. This term refers to a player who sits on the bench for the entirety of a game but rarely plays. Because they are so sedentary that they accumulate dust, they are called dustersa. Dusters are usually the worst players on the team.

What are some terms used in hockey?

  • Apple: An assist.
  • Bar down: When the puck touches the bottom of the crossbar, it is called a bar.
  • Barn is an arena rink.
  • Barnburner is a high-scoring, exciting game.
  • Bender: A badly-skating player whose ankles bend below him.
  • Beauty: A pretty play.
  • Biscuit: The puck.
  • Bottle rocket: When a goal breaks the goalie’s water bottle.