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What is a ducted return?

A ducted central return returns air from central registers to the air handler via insulated, sealed ducts. Allow for pressure balance between bedrooms and the rest.

What is a return vent in your house?

Your home's supply vents blow conditioned air into your rooms. The air travels through your heating and cooling system, through the ductwork, and out of your supply vents. Your home's return vents collect the air from your rooms and return it to your heating or cooling system.

Are return air ducts necessary? For almost every room, return air ducts are required

Also, know how to determine if you have supply or return ducts.

How do you identify typical air return vents?

  1. The larger vents in your house are more efficient.
  2. The vents are not equipped with louvers or slats.
  3. This vent has a filter attached.
  4. Turn on the fan to allow air to enter the vent.

What is the difference in supply and return air?

The direction in which the air flows is the biggest difference between supply vents and return vents. The air is emitted from the ductwork in a supply ventilation. The air flows through the ductwork in a return vent. The size of the vents is another difference.