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What is a CR for the lumbar spine

An imaging test called a lumbar spine or lumbosacral X-ray (or lumbar spine) that allows your doctor to see the anatomy of your lower back. Five vertebral bones make up the lumbar spinal. The sacrum is located at the back of the pelvis. It is located below your lumbar spine.

Similarly, some may wonder, "What is AP lumbar?"

Lumbar spine (AP/PA View) The lumbar spinal AP view shows the lumbar spine, which consists five vertebrae. It can be used in many imaging situations, including postoperative and chronic.

Can an xray be used to diagnose lower back problems? Radiographic assessment for low back pain involves the use of Xrays to identify the source of the discomfort or pain. Your doctor will usually order Xrays if he suspects that lower back pain is caused by congenital defects, trauma, metastatic disease, or bone deformity.

What scan is the best for back pain?

The MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) was created in 1980 and has revolutionized the treatment of low back pain. A MRI scan is the best imaging study of the spine that can be used to plan back pain treatment.

What are lateral and AP views?

AP, Xray: An Xray image in which the beams travel from front to back (anteroposterior). A PA (posteroanterior), film where the rays pass through the skin from the back, is different.