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What happens in the Anteroom?

ISO 7/8 Anteroom
An anteroom is also known as ante-room or an antechamber. It is a place where technicians can perform support tasks. An anteroom usually has a sink, cabinets and a bench.

Similar, what's the ante area?

An ante area refers to a buffer zone of displacement or laminar airflow close to a clean work area such as a compounding area for pharmaceuticals. The compounding area and the gowning/wash. area are not physically separated.

What is a buffer area? The buffer area refers to the sterile areas in pharmaceutical manufacturing. The buffer is the area used to compound in sterile pharmaceutical preparation facilities. The buffer area must be ISO 7 (class 10,000) or higher air quality.

What is an anteroom?

An antechamber, also known as an anteroom (or ante-room), is a small room or vestibule that serves as an entrance to a larger space. Latin ante camera is the Latin word for "room before".

In medical terms, what is a clean space?

Clean rooms (or clean rooms) are enclosed spaces in which pollutants, particulates and other airborne particles are contained within safe limits. Clean rooms are used in medicine and biotechnology when it is necessary for an environment to be free from bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.