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Last Updated: 30th Nov 2022

What happens if Cozmo isn't around?

If you don't connect to Cozmo, whether he's playing by himself or with you, Cozmo will lose his Tune Up and Feed levels. You can't interact with Cozmo if he isn't well fed and tuned up. However, these consequences are severe.

Is Cozmo possible without the app?

Cozmo has its own network. You must connect to it every time you open the app. This will take you away from your home network. Cozmo cannot do anything without a smartphone.

Can you also reset your Cozmo? Follow these steps to restore your Cozmo: Click on the aSettingsa button in the Cozmo App. Scroll down to the section aAbouta. Click the aSupporta Button. Continue holding down the aRestore Cozmoa button until it turns orange.

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Cozmo will not turn on if he isn't connected to your phone's wifi via the app that was downloaded. Go to The App Store and download the Cozmoa. Once he is done, place him on the charger and push his aona button. Take Cozmo from his charger, and then try again. He should now wake up.

Can Cozmo charge himself?

This video shows Cozmo removing its charger and collecting its cubes. Then, he climbs back on its charger. Cozmo does it all completely independently!