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What does the meaning of the phylum Arthropoda mean?

Definition of an arthropod. Definition of an arthropod: Any invertebrate animal (Arthropoda), that has a segmented body with jointed appendages and a usually chitinous, molted at regular intervals exoskeleton. It also has a dorsal anterior cortex connected to a ventral ganglia chain.

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ErI,r.p?d/ is a Greek word meaning "joint", "joint", and II?II arthron. The phylum Euarthropoda includes insects, myriapods and crustaceans. Arthropods are members of the phylum Euarthropoda.

Also, learn about the four types of arthropods. The four main groups of arthropods can be divided into

  • insects;
  • Myriapods (including centipedes, millipedes)
  • Arachnids include spiders, mites, scorpions and others
  • The crustaceans include prawns, crabs and slaters.

Listed below are five characteristics of arthropods.

5 Characteristics for an Arthropod

  • Exoskeleton. Arthropods, also known as invertebrates are not supported by internal bones.
  • Segmented Bodies. Arthropods possess bodies that can be divided both internally and externally.
  • Appendages joined.
  • Bilateral Symmetry.
  • Open Circulatory System

What makes the Arthropoda phylum the most successful?

Answer: The members of the phylum Arthropoda have jointed appendages as well as an exoskeleton made of chitin. Arthropods are one of the most successful phylums of animals. They are more diverse than other animals and can live in many different habitats.