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Last Updated: 30th Nov 2022

What does service line coverage mean?

Service line coverage protects homeowners from damage to pipes and wiring that enter their homes. It covers the cost of replacing damaged pipes and service lines that you are legally responsible for.

Keep this in mind, what is the service line coverage for a homeowners policy?

American Family Insurance's service line coverage covers the cost of repairing or replacing damaged service lines up until $10,000 per incident, provided that a $500 deductible has been met.

What is State Farm's service line? Service Line Coverage provides insurance coverage for underground service lines that fail and any related outdoor property. The homeowner is responsible for repairs.

What is the cost of service line coverage?

Service line repairs typically cost between $3,000 and $4,000. However, it is possible to go higher. These expenses are not always covered by basic homeowners insurance. You can protect yourself against unexpected costs by adding service coverage to your insurance policy.

Is it worth the cost of water and sewer line insurance?

Why it's worth it to get covered Insurance is designed to protect against financial loss. Sewer line service will likely cost thousands so it's well worth thinking about. As pipes get older, sewer line repairs are more common in older homes.