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What does milk candy taste?

The milky flavor is a creamy sweet milk flavor. It looks very similar to sweetened condensed milk. They are also slightly hard at first but they soften once you start to eat them. They taste a lot like caramel or sweetened condensed milk and are very rich for such small candies.

This begs the question: Is milk bad if it tastes sweet?

Many reports claim that milk's sweetness increases just before it spoils. Milk contains a complex sugar. When is broken down, it becomes two simple sugars which can be flavored . This is what happens when milk lactose-tolerant is made.

What is milk candy? Milk candy. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Milk candy may refer to: Dulce de leche. Milk candy (Asia), is a soft candy that is popular in Japan, China, and Korea.

You may also wonder, "What is milk supposed to taste of?"

NORMAL MILK FLAVOR. Milk is a bland food that has a mildly sweet taste and very little odor. It also has a rich, smooth feel in the mouth. Due to its bland flavor, small amounts of unusual constituents can often cause off-flavors.

Why is White Rabbit candy banned?

After the China milk scare, White Rabbit candy production is back in business. The production of the vanilla-flavoured candy was stopped in September by its Shanghai-based manufacturer who claimed that the confectionary might have been contaminated with melamine. This industrial chemical is responsible for the scandal.