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What does it mean when you get parole?

A parole is the release from prison to supervision in the community, after the completion of a portion of the sentence in an institution.

What purpose is parole serving in this context?

Parole and probation are privileges that allow criminals to avoid jail or be released from prison after only a part of their sentences have been served. Parole and probation are intended to help inmates get out of prison and allow them to return to society.

What are the most common parole violations? You can violate parole in many ways. Failure to submit to mandatory urine tests (drug or alcohol testing). Failure to attend prescribed therapy or Alcoholics Anonymous meetings multiple times per week.

What is a parole example?

Pardon is the act of releasing a prisoner. A parole is when a group of criminal justice department probation board members review the case of a prisoner and decide to release him.

What is the average time it takes to be released once parole has been granted?

The entire process can take about six months to complete and for the parole Board to make a determination. The prisoner will be informed within a few days after a decision is made.