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What does it mean to "not ring a bell"?

phrase. If you say something rings an bell , it means it reminds of something but you can't remember what it is. [Informal] The name does not ring a bell.

What does it mean to ring the bell?

Ring someone's bell to give what they want. Slang. To arouse or bring someone to sexual desire.

What does it really mean to ring the bell for cancer? In hospitals and clinics all over the country, the bell-ringing ritual at radiation or chemotherapy's end has become a common practice. Every chemotherapy infusion room has cancer patients that will never complete treatment. They could be in grave danger or must endure grueling chemotherapy for the rest their lives.

Do you want to ring a bell, in addition to the above?

Ring a bell. You can hear ring a bell if it sounds familiar. The name rings a bell, but I cannot remember where it was. The sergeant replied, "I'll check to see if there's anything on him,"

What does it mean to ring the bell after chemotherapy?

Hospitals around the globe have bells that patients ring to signal the end of their treatment. Donna recalls hearing patients enthusiastically ring the bell while she was undergoing her own treatment. She felt happy that they had achieved their goal. After finishing her final chemo treatment for colon carcinoma, she rang the bell.