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What does CHP stand for?

CHP stands for Combined Heat & Power. It refers to the simultaneous generation and use of heat and electricity. It is also known by the names 'Cogeneration' and 'Cogen'.

This being said, what does CHP mean in medical terms?

CHP in Medical

CHP Service: Community Health Plan insurance
CHP Cardiac Health Profile medicine and health
CHP Centre for Health Protection bird, and disease
CHP Certified Health Physicist technology, safety, science
CHP Chemical Hygiene Plan Chemistry, Science

You may also wonder, "What is a CHP officer?" California Highway Patrol (CHP), officers are responsible for ensuring road safety in California. Additional duties include the protection of state buildings, conducting criminal investigations and supporting local law enforcement agencies.

What does CHP mean in finance?

Combination Heat and Power

Are CHP cops real?

California Highway Patrol (CHP), is a state law enforcement agency in the U.S state of California. The CHP is responsible for all California highways. They are also known as the state cop. They have the authority to enforce law on city roads.