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What does a nimbostratus cloud do?

A nimbostratus is a gray cloud with multiple levels that can be darkened and amorphous. It usually produces rain, snow, or lightening but not thunder. Nimbostratus often produces precipitation over large areas. Nimbo- comes from the Latin word "nimbus", which means precipitation.

People often ask what the weather is like when a nimbostratus clouds are present.

These mid-level clouds often come with continuous rain or snow, and seem to cover most the sky. Nimbostratus often brings precipitation that may last several hours before the front passes.

Do nimbostratus cloud also produce thunderstorms? Nimbostratus Clouds The precipitation is usually composed of light to moderate rain and snow that is continuous in nature. Nimbostratus clouds don't produce thunderstorms or heavy rains because they form in conditions that are not favorable to vertical development.

What happens to nimbostratus cloud?

Nimbostratus is dark low-level clouds that are accompanied by moderate to heavy falling precipitation. Because their bases are generally below 6,500 feet (2,000 m), low cloud are mostly composed of water droplets. These clouds can also contain snow and ice particles if the temperatures are low enough.

Why is nimbus cloud important?

Understanding how nimbostratus cloud formation occurs is an important aspect of understanding weather. The development of strong vertical clouds, such as thunderstorms, is usually caused by a cold front.