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What are the three types confirming messages?

There are three types of confirming behavior: acknowledgement, recognition and endorsement. While all three can be used in one interaction, it is important to communicate at least one of them in order to show respect.

What are the confirming and disconfirming messages, respectively?

When you confirm a message, you are confirming the identity and self-concept of someone. Not confirming is clearly lowering their self-concept. When you send messages to people, you need to ensure that they have actionable items.

What are confirming answers? A confirming reply is any statement or behavior that makes another person value themselves more. You are confirming your worth by seeking to understand another person's message.

Consider this: Which type of confirming message is most effective?

Endorsement is a way to support someone or communicate that you consider him or her important. This is the strongest form of confirming message and the highest form value.

What is the difference between a confirming relationship climate and one that is disconfirming?

When we receive messages that affirm our worth and value from people with whom we are in a close relationship, we experience Confirming Climates. We experience Disconfirming Climates when messages are sent to us that devalue and make us feel unimportant.