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What are the main evidences for the Earth's layered structure?

The main indicators of the layered structure in the interior are changes in velocity and travel routes of various seismic waves

In the same way, scientists also need to know how layers are formed on Earth.

The only way to study the Earth's interior is by drilling holes and taking samples. Scientists map the interior of the Earth by studying how seismic waves from earthquakes bend, reflect, speed up, slow down, or delay the layers.

Why are there so many layers in the earth's structure? Because the earth formed from lighter parts, like continental crust, some of the heavier parts floated to the surface while the more heavy ones (like iron or nickel in its core) sank into the middle.

You might also wonder, "What are the layers of earth?"

The picture below shows the four main layers of earth: the crust (mantle), outer core (outer core), and inner core. The crust is the outer layer of the Earth that we live on.

What are the layers of the earth's three layers?

The core, mantle, and crust are the three main layers of Earth. Each layer can further be divided into two parts: The inner and outer Core, and the upper and low mantle as well as the continental and Oceanic crust. The inner and outer cores are mainly made of iron with a small amount of nickel.