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What are the business rules for ServiceNow?

When a ServiceNow form displays, or when an update, save or delete operation occurs, business rules are activated. They are "event-driven". A business rule is a server side script that runs whenever a record is displayed or updated.

Keep this in mind, how can you create business rules in ServiceNow.

Create an business rule

  1. Navigate to System Definition >Business Rules.
  2. Click on New.
  3. As appropriate, fill in the required fields. Note: To see all fields, you might have to set up the form. Table 1. Fields of Business Rule. Field. Description. Name. Name. Table. Choose the table where the business rule is applied.
  4. Click on Submit.

What is a business rule? A business rule could state, for example, that customers returning to the rental agency are not subject to a credit check. Another example of business rules is requiring rental agents to refuse tenants with low credit ratings, or to use a list preferred suppliers and supply lists for company agents.

What are the business rules for a database?

Business Rules. A business rule is a statement that places some kind of restriction on a particular aspect of the database. For example, the elements in a field specification or the characteristics of a relationship.

What is a Display Business Rule?

Display rules are executed on the server when a request to display an item in a form is made, but before data is sent from server.