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What are subject verb and pronoun agreement?

AGREEMENT. All parts of a sentence must agree . If the subject has a singular form, then the verb must be singular. If a pronoun refers to the singular subject it should also be singular in form. To describe the noun the pronoun substitutes or represents, we use the term antecedent.

What is agreement of subject and verb?

Subject verb agreement simply refers to the subject and verb having to agree in number. Both must be singular, or both must be plural.

The next question is: What is the pronoun agreement's antecedent? Because "people" refers to the noun "they", "people" is the antecedent. A pronoun antecedent agreement refers to when the pronoun agrees with its antecedent in number (referring either singular or plural) or person (referring first, second or third person).

What are examples and pronoun antecedents?

Usage - Pronoun - Antecedent Agreement. A pronoun refers to a word that stands for or takes the place of a noun. A word can refer either to an earlier noun or pronoun within the sentence. This is an example of how we don't talk or write.

What would be an example of an antecedent?

An example of an anticedent is the first tooth loss. An antecedent refers to a part or phrase that is later replaced with a pronoun. An example of an Antecedent is the phrase aJohna: John loves his dog.