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What are 3 types of igneous bodies?

These are the most common types igneous rocks:
  • andesite.
  • basalt.
  • dacite.
  • Dolerite (also known as diabase)
  • gabbro.
  • diorite.
  • peridotite.
  • nepheline.

How many types of igneous exist?

There are at least 700 types of igneous rock. Many of them were formed beneath the earth's crust, as volcanic eruptions are rare.

What is an igneous rock? And what are its types? The solidification of molten rock material results in the formation of igneous rocks. There are two basic types. Examples of intrusive igneous rocks include diorite, gabbro and granite. Extrusiveigneous rocks erupt onto a surface where they cool quickly and form small crystals.

What are the main types of igneous rock?

Magma or lava can form igneous rocks. Magma is molten underground rock, while lava is molten rock which erupts on the surface. plutonic and volcanic rocks are the two main types of igneous rock. When magma cools, it solidifies underground, and forms Plutonic rocks.

What are the most important intrusive igneous bodies in the world?

Granite and basalt are two types of intrusive rocks. The diagram shows you an example of a large, intrusive igneous body known as a bathtub. The largest of all intrusive bodies is the batholith. They cover more than 100 kilometres and often form granite cores.