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Robin Trocki left glee.

Trocki was written off aGleea due to her Alzheimer's disease. This is common among Down syndrome people.

Similarly one may ask, did Robin Trocki die in real life?

Jean Sylvester's death was not caused by the passing of an actor. Robin Trocki is the woman who played Sylvester. Jane Lynch, Jean's sister, said that filming the Funeral episode was difficult because of the intense emotions.

Also, do you know that Sue's sister is a gleeful death? "Funeral" is episode twenty-one of season two of American musical television series Glee. It's also the forty-third overall. Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), loses her sister Jean (Robin Trocki). The glee club assists Sue in planning her funeral.

It is also important to understand why Sue left glee.

Sue Sylvester (Jane Lynch), was fired by McKinley High for violating a firearms law on the April 11 episode. As we know, leaving school does not always mean that you are leaving the show. Just ask Lea Michele or Chris Colfer.

Jean Sylvester is really Sue Sylvester's sister?

Jean Sylvester, the older sister to Sue Sylvester, was the eldest child of Doris Sylvester (and Mr. Sylvester). In Wheels, Season One's ninth episode, she first appeared. She then died in Funeral, Season Two's twenty-first episode, making it her last appearance.